Some more uses of Psilocybin mushrooms therapeutic

Did you know mushrooms are fungi’s and can can be beneficial to the body? Psilocybin mushroom therapeutic uses have changed people’s lives. Clinically tested for anxiety, depression and cancer.


A mushroom which is also known as a toadstool is in the category of Fungi in the plant kingdom and grows above ground on its own or on soil. Here are some of the different mushrooms

  • White button
  • Crimino [Italian]
  • Portabello 
  • Shiitake
  • Morel
  • Chanterelle
  • Black trumpet
  • Beech etc.

All these have a lot to offer and they may be used in various recipes when cooking, creating scents and also therapeutically.

We look at Psilocybin mushrooms therapeutic uses. Commonly known as magic mushrooms they contain Psilocybin which is of medical value to the body. The use of these mushrooms dates to 6000 years ago where they were used for divination, religious communion and healing.

Psilocybin mushroom therapeutic uses

Treating Depression

From the clinical trials that have been done, patients with major depressive disorder [MDD] have been given two doses of psilocybin to help them with their symptoms. By about 4 weeks with proper follow up and after combining with antidepressants it has proved to be effective. It is also done together with psychotherapy.

Reduce Anxiety

At times when someone is suffering from a terminal illness, they may experience anxiety disorder. This is usually as a result of low or imbalanced serotonin levels. The psilocybin acts on your body’s serotoninergic system restoring the balance and has a long lasting benefit.

Improves Mental Health

In life we may face different situations they may cause trauma and negatively affect our mental health. This may come from being in deep depression and at times therapy and some treatments may not work. If one is under medication it is stopped so that the dose does not alter the effects of Psilocybin mushrooms therapeutic uses.

Hope for Cancer Patients

When facing a terminal illness as a patient it is scary. It may lead to anxiety and Psilocybin mushroom therapeutic uses have helped cancer patients by improving their mood and giving them a sense of hope. It has also reduced anxiety that would make the patient think about death. 

Alcohol addiction stopped

Alcohol is a drug and it leads to addiction when misused. With addiction also comes other symptoms depression, psychiatric disorders and anxiety. Psychotherapy together with psilocybin has been known to help significantly reducing patients with addiction, drinking less and later quitting. They are also given motivational enhancement therapy which helped them mentally.


More and more research is still emerging on Psilocybin mushrooms therapeutic uses and we may not be able to know how best to use it as they have different effects depending on the use side. What we can do is be hopeful as the world of science and technology is magical as we continue to explore. 


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