Ways in which one can buy cannabis online in Canada

The westernmost province of Canada regulates the online sale of cannabis through the their British distribution branch for liquor (BCLDB). The residents in the pacific province of Canada who are 19 years and above are able to buy cannabis through an online cannabis store platform. The online orders are subjected a maximum period of 48hours. After processing a third party who provides delivery services is liable for the shipping costs. For restrictions, B.C not only ensures that those who purchase are over 19 years but also those picking them at the places of delivery. 


The energy province of Canada is using an approach that is two-phased to retail sales for cannabis. First, the Albertans are able to buy cannabis from stores that are private (brick-and-mortar). Secondly there is a commission for cannabis and Liquor and gaming (AGLC) that has set up online platforms that ensures cannabis are delivered to the doors of those purchasing them. For verification purposes the Alberta cannabis company plans to use the Equifax records in verification of a consumer’s birth date, name and address. If this method of verification fails, the residents of Alberta will have to send an Identification document (ID) to the website of Alberta cannabis. If this also fails, the residents will have to print their barcode and take to the Canada post for age verification. After a successful scanning of the barcode and age verification, the residents’ verification will be send electronically to help acquire an access to the cannabis website. A person of 18 years and above is the only one that can sign to receive orders. 


Since most territorial and provincial governments have implemented their retail shops for online cannabis businesses, the Wheat province of Canada have decided to use private retailers  with permits to carry out businesses on brick/mortar stores. The individuals with cannabis licenses should have an online operating store. The spoke person of Saskatchewan it will be great to come up with an online cannabis store in which all with licenses will not have a legal obligation to carry out their business online. The age requirement for cannabis consumption in Saskatchewan is 18 years and above. 


Manitoba is almost the same as Saskatchewan in the way it carry’s out it’s cannabis businesses. They have also decided to sustain their online stores for cannabis towards private retailers who are licensed. In this province of Keystone for Canada, only those retailers who are licensed are eligible for selling cannabis online. The spokesperson of Manitoba said that their government is not selling cannabis to it’s consumers. He said that their role is to ensure security for the licensed producers and also to manage cannabis wholesale distribution  through model of direct to detail. A consumer is required to be 19 years of age to consume cannabis in Manitoba. 


For Ontario province, they have their own cannabis store which sells cannabis online. The brick and mortar was done away with. The province will be operating under their store (ISC) as their legal cannabis provider.  Canada post on the other hand will deliver cannabis orders within 1-3 days. The legal age is 19 years old for consumers. 

North western territories  

These territories are able to buy cannabis online through their commission (NLTCC). Their liquor stores are also available to offer the service from any one who is 19 years old and above. 

In conclusion, this is just a list of a few ways to purchase cannabis online in Canada BC Kush . Each province has it’s own ways. Most are similar but majority of the provinces use their liquor commissions to do so. 

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