Eating vs Drinking THC, All You Need to Know

THC is a compound that is known to be responsible for all intoxicating properties of cannabis products. It is believed that it possesses some unique medicinal characteristics such as relieving chronic pain, relieving anxiety, and curing cancer-related symptoms. However, there are different ways of consuming THC. This article focuses on eating and drinking as one way.

Below is some information about eating vs drinking THC that you need to know.

Eating THC

One of the methods of consuming THC is through eating. Since THC is a compound contained in cannabis, you may wonder how it is consumed through eating. THC may be consumed through eating by infusing them in food products like cakes, chocolate, etc. 

Drinking THC

Unlike eating THC where it is incorporated in food products like cakes for consumption through eating, drinking THC is a bit different and easy. To consume THC by drinking, it is taken as a beverage.

Although there is no guaranteed safety in cannabis usage, eating or drinking cannabis is healthier than smoking cannabis for THC consumption.

Absorption of eaten vs drank THC

When it comes to absorption, THC that is taken by drinking is absorbed faster than eaten THC. This implies that the effects of eaten THC are felt sometime afterward which may be longer than the time taken for drank THC to start showing effects. 

For THC usage, be it for medicinal or recreation purposes, drinking it turns out to be more effective as it does its intended work within a short time. This is because it is absorbed directly into the bloodstreams. Eaten THC takes a little longer because the food containing it has to undergo digestion processes. 

Therefore, when stuck between eating vs drinking THC, drinking is the fastest and most reliable way to go about it.

Ingestion of eaten THC vs drank THC

One of the things you need to understand about THC consumption is the modes of ingestion used in eating vs drinking THC. Eating THC can be confused with drinking it. Taking a cake infused with THC is simply eating THC. However, foodstuffs like chocolate and sweets infused with THC can be confused with eating it.

True to say, that is not eating THC in the real sense. Sweets and chocolates are dissolved in saliva. They are then swallowed in liquid form which brings out the picture of drinking. As such, drinking THC is not just by taking it as a beverage. This is a common misunderstanding of eating vs drinking THC.

Canadian online dispensary, With that said, don’t be confused about eating and drinking THC. They are two different methods with different levels of effectiveness in THC consumption.

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